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037 Jason Grill of Kansas City Startup Sock 101

What’s the biggest up-and-coming startup in Kansas City?  Take a listen to Think Big Radio as our podcaster Bobby Miller Jr. goes in-depth with Jason Grill of Sock 101.


036 Carrie Royce on KC’s Startup Crawl

February 8, 2013 will be the date for Kansas City’s first ever Startup Crawl, an event hosted by Red Nova Labs and Startup Village.  Listen as Derek from Think Big Radio goes in depth with Startup Crawl organizer, Carrie Royce (Red Nova Labs), to hear what this entrepreneurial event has to offer.  Learn about what to expect from Startup Crawl, why Startup Crawl is good for the city and what the event means for Kansas City entrepreneurs.

035 Dropouts—The Best Entrepreneurs in History

The most important aspect to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not educational credentials, but rather, ambition and the desire to be great. We have conducted a list of the top entrepreneurs who did not earn a college diploma. Others didn’t even finish high school.  Some didn’t even finish 4th grade!  In this episode of Think Big Radio, Derek and Allison sit down to discuss some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs of all time…all of whom are dropouts!

034 Fill in the Blank with Two Entrepreneurs

In this episode of Think Big Radio, Derek and Allison decided to switch things up and play a little game called Fill in the Blank with Two Entrepreneurs.  In this game, Derek and Allison ask one another intense, interesting and downright strange questions about entrepreneurship and startups.

033 New Years Resolution

What’s on your New Year’s Resolution list for 2013?  In this episode of Think Big Radio, Derek and Allison dive deep into what entrepreneurs should put on their New Year’s Resolution list…and how to actually stick to your resolution for more than 2 weeks!  Tune into this episode of Think Big Radio and learn the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs.

032: The Entrepreneur’s Christmas Wishlist

As an entrepreneur, are you struggling to determine what to put on your startup’s Christmas wishlist?  Or do you have an entrepreneur you need to buy a Christmas present for?  If so, this episode of Think Big Radio is for you!  We’ll spill the Top 10 Christmas Gifts to buy an entrepreneur this season—some of them may even surprise you (ever heard of a smartphone leash? We didn’t think so…).  Listen up, tune in, Think Big and have a happy holiday!


Wazoo! Q and A. Kansas City Startup Weekend Winner.

Startup Weekend is no easy hackathon to win—especially in a place like Kansas City where startup ideas and driven entrepreneurs are flocking in by the hundreds (if not thousands!).  This fall’s Kansas City Startup Weekend brought together some of the coolest startup ideas, the most hungry entrepreneurs and, of course, loads and loads of caffeine and high energy.

This year, Startup Weekend Kansas City crowned startup Wazoo as the winner.  Wazoo is a mobile application aimed at helping zoos provide a better experience for visitors.  The app features geolocation on a live map of zoo parks in order to help users navigate their way through zoos as well as real-time free featuring updates from other zoo-goers to help users stay in the know on what’s happening.

In this episode of Think Big Radio, Derek sits down with Kelly Tomlinson, founder Wazoo (and Kansas City-based UI designer) to learn about Wazoo’s Startup Weekend experience as well as what’s next for her new, “wild” app.